Explode your lead conversions & ROI

Mission Control is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and communication app that replaces multiple other tools you’re using and simplifies your marketing, client, and prospect communications like no other tool you’ve ever seen. It’s quite literally the mission control portal for your business.


The only tool you need to market your business and close more sales.

Mission Control helps business owners nurture leads, client relationships, as well as track ROI, analytics, and reputation management. It’s quite literally the only tool you need to run your business and close more sales.

Lead Automation

Explode contact & close rates by sending automated SMS, email, and voicemail auto-responders to prospects & leads who have entered your sales and marketing funnel(s).

Analytics Tracking

Sync Mission Control with your Google My Business & Google Analytics accounts, allowing you to track critical analytics like website traffic and much more!

Sales & ROI Pipelines

Track incoming sales opportunities with your own custom pipelines. Move prospects in between stages so you always know their status, assigned tasks, and more!

Bulk Campaigns

Upload a list of existing prospects or clients, and send them bulk, outbound marketing and nurturing campaigns using our SMS, email, and voicemail engine.

Calendar Scheduling

Allow prospects or customers access to book appointments, calls, and more with your very own calendar booking system. Sync with multiple calendars and embed anywhere.

On-boarding Campaigns

They say the money is in the follow-up, but the same can be said for your on-boarding process. With Mission Control it couldn't be easier to on-board new customers.

Survey Builder

Create slick, one-question-at-a-time surveys, which have been proven to increase form completion percentages by as much as 30%. Say buh-buy to expensive survey builders.

Form Builder

Create traditional style lead forms that can be embedded anywhere on your website or landing page. With custom field capability there's nothing you can't do.

Funnel Builder

Point-and-click your way to creating high converting sales and marketing funnels right from your Mission Control dashboard. Say goodbye to other expensive funnel builder solutions!

Google Review Management

Send SMS and email campaigns that prospect for Google Reviews, as well as track and reply to incoming reviews right from your Mission Control dashboard.

Facebook Leads Integration

With our native Facebook integration, you can connect your Facebook Lead Ad forms directly to drip campaigns in seconds, helping you nurture leads much faster than Zapier.

Zapier Integration

Need to integrate with other applications? You'll have full Zapier access including webhooks, making it easy to connect other apps and automations.

Mobile App

With your mobile app, you can read and reply to lead respondents in seconds, as well as trigger other actions inside of Mission Control when a lead responds.

Auto Dialer

Mission Control will make an outbound call notifying you that a lead has responded to a campaign, allowing you to call them directly on the spot, increasing contact rates.

The days of piecemealing your marketing & automation together with 20 different tools is over.

Aren’t you tired of patching together 20 different apps, only for your crazy automation concoction to not even work the way you need? The more tools you use, the more points of failure (and complication) exist in your funnel(s).

To make things worse, you have to contact a separate support team for each individual software, making it extremely frustrating and time consuming to get help.

And let’s not forget about the combined cost of all those tools! It’s not hard to spend over $1,000 per month on marketing software. Mission Control consolidates and simplifies your marketing, while saving you serious money each month!


Any industry and any size business can absolutely crush their sales numbers with Mission Control.

No matter what industry, vertical, or niche you’re in, Mission Control will help you get more clients and customers — period. Here are some industries who can, and currently use our tool:

  • Insurance Agents & Financial Planners
  • Realtors & Loan Officers
  • Medical (Dentists, Chiro, MedSpa, etc.)
  • Contractors (Roofers, Home Improvement, etc.)
  • Attorneys & CPAs
  • Fitness (Franchise & Non-Franchise Gym Owners)
  • Literally any business that needs more customers

Cost effective, and dead simple for beginners — yet robust enough for seasoned marketers.

Using multiple different apps in your marketing also means multiple learning curves. Sadly, the average business owner either doesn’t have the time, or just isn’t savvy enough to get the most out of all the different tools they’re using because of those learning curves.

Mission Control is seriously so easy to use that anyone can dive right in and get the hang of it within an hour or so. What’s more, our documentation and support staff is there to make sure you use every corner of this amazing tool.

Lastly, we’ll save you serious money. Our platform is literally a fraction of the combined cost of the dozen or so apps that most businesses piece together to follow-up with leads and nurture relationships online.

Generating leads and turning them into real dollars for your business are two different things.

There is one thing that most business owners fail to realize — the money is the follow-up. Leads are worthless unless you can convert them, and sadly, most people convert less than 10% of the leads they generate. 

It’s mostly because there is no follow-up process in place. The average person gives up on a lead after just one attempt. Mission Control will  automate your follow-up process with real human touch-points that are proven to generate significantly higher contact rates.

How much additional revenue could you generate if your lead conversions were closer to 25% instead of 10%? Or how about 50%+? Depending on your industry and lifetime customer value, it could hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for your business. That’s how important follow-up is, and Mission Control handles it all for you.

Pricing Options For Any Size Business

SOLO (1 User)


Per month

  • All Features
  • 1 User
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base

Pro (2-5 Users)


Per month

  • All Features
  • 2-5 Users
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base

Team (6+users)


Per month

  • All Features
  • 6+ Users
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base